Judicial request for a declaration of invalidity against the trademarks “LES REPUBLICAINS (TM)” registered on behalf of the UMP (updated on 1 June 2015)

If the Republic is “one and indivisible”, the Republicans are plural and varied.

No party can arrogate to itself the monopoly of the appellation which is our common heritage.

The Republicans are all French and French attached to the republican and democratic form, natural expression of national sovereignty.

No party or faction can claim to have a title that belongs to everyone.

The risk of a withering away of the word, and therefore of the republican idea, is all the greater since this change of name is akin to an umpteenth ripening intended to mask the involvement of a party involved in many and shady politico-financial affairs.

The sincere Republicans, whether right, center or left, can not accept that their title of glory is associated with malpractices splashing the principles of the Republic which are virtue and exemplarity.

The risk of confusion is just as great. In everyday language as in political language, the expression “the Republicans” is not reduced to part of the hemicycle. It is not acceptable to amputate the language in this way and to render hemiplegic a whole section of public opinion and the sovereign people who would be deprived of their sign of recognition in favor of a party they abhor.

The risk of a disappointment, Bonapartism seems to be the unthought of this political party, is all the more obvious as it is in contradiction with the promise of an exemplary Republic that is dear to all the Republicans.

If in the past, parties could assert themselves “Republican” (Union for the new Republic, Republican Party, Rally for the Republic), it should be noted that the name of the party was the result of the association of several terms making it impossible to appropriate the generic term “republic” or “republican” . There was no private ownership of a public good, no risk of confusion, let alone disappointment. The names of these parties were respectable because they clearly announced the color: they did not pretend to exert any hegemony over a term as generous as generic like “The Republicans”.

For all these reasons, at the request of several Republicans, I accepted the charge of a lawsuit in order to obtain the nullity of the mark “THE REPUBLICANS” deposited with the INPI (Publication 2014-12-05 ( BOPI 2014-49).

This descriptive mark can not be the subject of shameless privatization.

The procedure will be initiated on Tuesday 5th May 2015 , the anniversary of the Estates General of 1789.

On this date, the first applicants will be revealed, being specified that all the Republicans indignant by this semantic hold-up can join the legal action.

(updated on June 1, 2015)

On May 15, 2015, we were authorized by the President of the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris to assign a fixed day for the hearing of Friday, May 22, 2015.

The text of the assignment can be downloaded here: assignment of May 15, 2015 .

The text of the pleadings of 22 May 2015 can be downloaded here: oral argument of CLE (22 May 2015) .

marianne hope

The two decisions rendered by the Tribunal de Grande Instance of June 26, 2015 (rejection of the QPC and rejection of taking provisional measures) can be downloaded here: judgments of the TGI dated May 26, 2015 .

Criticisms of the judgment that allowed the appeal to the Court of Appeal in urgency because of a danger can be downloaded here: criticisms of the judgment before the Court of Appeal .

We will soon publish the text of the subpoena before the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris attacking the new name of the UMP and trademarks clandestinely in his interest.

We will also study other measures to put an end to this violation of the Constitution.

We will keep you regularly informed of the progress of this file.