Go Green With Coral Frags

Coral frags are extremely well known in the hobby today. They’re a terrific way to construct a coral reef effortlessly and sustainably. Frags are little”starter” bits of corals which are invited to raise and start a fresh coral. This implies we aren’t removing another creature from the reef and we’re far more responsibly hobbyist. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt you could save up to 75 percent by purchasing a frag on a normal bit of coral. You only need some patience and time to determine that your new frag attain a mature size on your own tank.

They’re also perfect for hybrids. Maintaining frags enables a hobbyist to maintain greater species of corals in the tank.

So how can you choose a healthful frag? The most significant element is to discover a trusted and respectable source of coral frags. This is your preferred neighborhood fish shop or another hobbyist. Check out Craigslist, you will observe that lots of regional amateurs have begun their own little home companies by fragging corals. You may find a few really interesting and incredibly healthy bits at a fantastic cost from a different hobbyist. As the majority of these men are amateurs, they have a tendency to take care of the exotic. They find the trendiest are rarest corals to begin fragging.

Most frags you will be considering will be 1-3″ in size.

Make sure you have the proper tool for the species of coral you want to frag.

Most hard corals will need a bone cutter to quickly and easily cut through the base of hard coral stalks. This newly cut off piece is easy to place in the aquarium or to trade with friends. Usually you do not need to do anything besides cut it free from the Mother coral. If you created many small pieces you may consider using a coral cement to adhere the coral to a rock. This is done for easy placement throughout the reef, allowing you to control the angles and positions of the new frag.

Mushrooms and polyps can be “fragged” as well. Have you ever seen that stray mushroom floating around the bottom of your tank? Perhaps it came loose from the store to your tank? Find a small stone and some Super Glue Gel and simply glue the bottom of the mushroom to the rock. It will stick in seconds and is safe to go right back into the tank. A new colony will grow.

If you are working with a Mother Colony, do not frag more than 25% of the colony at a time. Your goal is to produce many new coral frags and yet to not damage the mother colony, so that it can continue to grow and be propagated later.

We do encourage every hobbyist to”Go Green” and carefully think about buying fragged corals. They’re utilized to the plant environment and therefore are much hardier than wild harvested corals. If you’re fed up with seeing crazy corals die, then devote frags a go. If your regional fish shop doesn’t carry tank elevated coral frags, then ask that they do. It’s VERY simple for them to earn frags. Enjoy your coral volcano!

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